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Warriors of the World

According to many metaphysical sources, there are seven different soul types as well as a variety of characteristics that belong to each. These soul types are categorized as servers, artisans, warriors, scholars, sages, priests, and kings.

Barry, of, describes each soul role (respectfully in regards to the list above) as being "accommodating, caring, nurturing, hospitable, charitable; creative, inventive, imaginative, playful, decorative; forceful, loyal, protective, determined, steadfast; curious, studious, academic, analytical, neutral; engaging, articulate, charming, entertaining, expressive; inspirational, uplifting, motivating, energizing, visionary; and finally commanding, assured, powerful, authoritative, decisive."

If this is accurate, then by definition I would fall into three different soul types; warrior, artisan and scholar, although I'm uncertain as to which is the driving force in my life. Regardless, and in an effort to really examine one type, let's take a look at the warrior types.

I find this category particularly interesting because it seems more obvious from the naked eye to spot a warrior without needing a spiritual reading or some sort of guru breakdown. The artisan is another easy one to spot as well.

Anyway, a few distinct qualities tend to resonate from the warrior spirit type. "Warriors tend to be hard and angular, but the telling [facial] features are the low eyebrows and the ready-for-action expression," writes Barry on [My face maintains some of these characteristics, but spans more of the artisan features with a heart-shaped head, with eyes like "softly lit pools, portals into their mysterious inner worlds" (from Barry in the blog referenced above). We tend to have model-like characteristics as well as facades, public images that we hide behind. 100% accurate!].

Moving away from facial features, there is another prominent thread that strings all soul warriors (the babies, young, mature, and old) together, and one that I find fascinating and correct. Clearly these humans are at home in their own bodies, often described as solid and even aggressively sexual, and they almost all gravitate towards leadership, law enforcement and/or sports.

"The most physical of all the roles, warriors thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of earthly existence, having strong appetites for sex, food, sports, and meeting the challenges associated with success," writes "Warriors are intensely in touch with their physicality and tend to display strong, muscular bodies, or at the very least, solid ones." So true!

There are countless other descriptions and definitions of warriors and the other six soul types, but in the interest of keeping this short and sweet, let's move on.

Naturally gravitating towards law enforcement and soldiering, it may be safe to assume these individuals who don't incarnate as such may find themselves as athletes, constantly striving to better themselves both mentally and physically, as well as others around them. [Me].

While performing an exhausting and yet incredibly fulfilling contract at California's Great America during Halloween Haunt in 2019, I found myself dredging the true, 35-year-old warrior out of myself. Digging into the depths of what I was capable of and the potential I had in order to complete four physically demanding performances two-to-three times per week. Climbing up a shipping crate to my 13-foot lollipop lyra perched at least 50 feet above the theme park's concrete took grit. And I did it, conjuring up the warrior within myself every night.

During that particular contract, I discovered more warriors walking among us. Not necessarily the ones who fight in wars, but the ethereal ones who are here to serve a higher purpose, namely those of who are attracted to physicality. A couple of intense trampoline artists, spanning from early twenties to middle-aged, caught my attention. And outside the contract, I even began to notice specific warrior-like traits that my husband -- a long-time WWII enthusiast, budding sheriff-turned-head-of-private-security, former almost-Olympic swimmer, and ex-executive chef -- harbors. No matter what Earthly age these warriors assume (he is 46 years old), they persevere and strive onward.

One specific sub-category warrior "type" is particularly interesting; the Rainbow Warrior. According to, "Rainbow warriors see the big picture through the accumulation of all the different warrior perspectives. With a question mark in their heart and a teacher in their soul, they are walking, talking, breathing Meditations. They have merged their consciousness with cosmic consciousness and they are able to bring forth sacred knowledge."

This statement follows a very familiar quote from the Hopi Prophecy: "When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, and creeds. And who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow."

Interesting... I've actually used this quote in my third book, the Alpha Phoenix. And, if all goes well this June, its predecessor (the 4th book I just finished writing) will be picked up by Hay House publishing as it delves deeper into this very topic; spiritual enlightenment in regards to the raising of this planet's vibrations and the preservation of Gaia.

So to wrap up, there seems to be the budding of a new cohort of old souls rising among current humans. Whether warrior, server, artisan, scholar, sage, priest, king, or even some combination of any of these, there is a new wave waiting to be ushered in and spiritual warriors out there ready to lead.

[A little shout-out to Johnny Depp, a fellow Warrior-Artisan!]

Other blog references not cited above:

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