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Burning Down the House

It was her 39th year, the eve of her midlife, when she decided to save herself and burn down the patriarchal constructs that society had binded her with.

As she sat witnessing the flames consume all of the lies, oppression and deception put on her by a false system, she released all and let it fall to the ashes.

The slow and methodical burn tore through the cracks of the cage trying to tame her wild wolf feminine. A slow fang-filled smirk crossed her face as she watched the primordial feminine ooze and rise from within the flame and carnage. She was wild, sensual, dark, creative and destructive all In one.

The patriarchal construct was scared of the power she wields and tried with all its might to imprison her, control her power, only to find that she will always prevail. A Phoenix of the ashes.

She laid down her ancient remembering and soul whispers at the feet of her ethereal soul sisters--Erin and Renee--having full faith that Goddess has united them in the beyond.

In that moment, she fully committed to embodying her authentic, true and messy self, the wild woman that she was inside. She would no longer do the dirty work and be the hunchman of a toxic patriarchal system that was slowly killing her, the planet, its children and its nature, and instead, she would be in service of the Goddess.

Being birthed of the belly of the Goddess at a time that was desperately in need of the wild feminine. Like the vast and expansive roots of the Mother Tree that dig deep into the potent soil, she too would allow all of her magic and light shine through every element of her.

It took the death of her smallness for her true self to shine. She deconstructed the myth of "aggressive healing," and stepped into the new era of her life, one of which promised the healing of herself first, and then that of the planet. She exorcised the toxic patriarchy from her body. No longer would her feminine vessel be under the control of the patriarchy.

And just like that, she spread her enormous wings and took flight over the wreckage of her former life, never once looking back.

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