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Uncertain Times

"I wish I was a writer who sees what is yet unseen."

- lyrics from the song, "Running Three" from Run Lola Run, by Franka Potente, Susie Van der Meer, and Tom Tykwer.

I feel blessed with the gift of prose. It makes sense that I went into the profession of journalism because I have an ability to both put myself in the middle as the subject, but then also to extract myself from the equation and observe situations objectively.

In such cases as an observer, I get to notice the world around me with fresh eyes. How strange it is that, while mundane International Delight and bacon-shopping at Walgreens, I overhear a PSA pleading for people to be kind to one another. "Please be kind to one another during these uncertain times," it begs of Walgreens shoppers and employees.

So this is it. We're here right now on the cusp of humanity's mass awakening as a response to global trauma from eons of dysfunction. The catalyst -- COVID-19. Such pre-apocalypse gearing up takes lots of courage, so congrats on not being faint of heart and sticking it out in the current climate of "uncertain times."

How dystopian sci-fi of us! Want a good read as we cross the threshold into the unknown? Check out Dark Star: Reclaiming Lilith, here.

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