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Patches of Glitter

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

There are little chunks of glittery hope in patches still existing on my fingernails pre-pandemic.

I had painted this clear coat of nail polish with glitter clusters fused into the formula on my fingers about a month ago in the beginning of March. Call me crazy, but I'm holding on to these small patches of glitter as a reminder that there was a "before" and that there will be an "after."

Eventually the nail polish will fade (although so far this cheap Dollar Tree formula has proven sturdy) as well as the initial shock and continued uncertainty about how or when the World will recover. When this happens, I plan to paint my nails a fire truck red. And eventually that nail polish will chip and fade, as will this pandemic.

Here's to hoping the day we "remember" or read in history books about this global pandemic and its impacts on humanity comes sooner rather than later.

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