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"Brace Yourself"

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

That concept has become a surrealistic depiction of a new way of life for all of humanity over the past month. What was once reserved for a fiery inferno through turbulent, bumpy crash landings, has become truth.

Every time this saying is uttered in dismal reports, the image of astronauts tightly gripping onto their armrests as the velocity of speed and fire rush past windows into what will inevitably be a colossal crash scene, flashes by. They've endured the endless psychology full of fear and questions that comes with such a profound understanding, and now they're waiting their fates. Amid gravel-like bangs and bumps, through non-linear trajectories, and with mighty force they will crash land. There will be an end.

This occurs parallel and as a dichotomy, to what humanity is experiencing as a whole at the moment.

"Brace Yourself" will not go back to it's original roots in iconic movie scripture and cliched spaceship crashes, but will carry on as the way Humanity pulled through a global crisis.

But for now, we "brace ourselves."

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