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April's Omen 1 - Republished

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Want to read something spooky? I originally published this quite lengthy blog titled "April's Omen" (a once two-part, having evolved into a three-part series) on a platform called ccMyself; a narrative blogging site circa 2011 where people could share their experiences.

I'm republishing it here on my blog, and have added updates from the past 8 years – in part three coming later, otherwise it'll take all day to read! I've omitted some of the unnecessary, rather angst-filled details to try and keep it as concise as possible, but certainly find humor in the 2011 writer version of myself.

Take a look:

April's Omen 1 - High School Drama

Every April a cataclysmic event happens in my life. This has been the norm for the past 12 years. Something so magnificent, that the entire direction and course of my destiny will be altered forever. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, Aprils keep growing more and more intense, out-doing each other year after year. You've heard of someone who has an unlucky, lucky or otherwise special number, color, song or outfit. My “special” is April ...

It started in April 1999 when my best friend of seven years decided that drugs and dropping out of school were more important than our friendship. I was left with a loyal and devoted boyfriend four years my senior (he was literally a “senior” in high school). One night my mother and I got into an enormous fight, which resulted in my running away/being kicked out and spending the night with this boyfriend in his friend's trailer in the middle of the Santa Cruz mountains.

April 2000 rolled around, and I got my permit as well as faced bumpy roads with both my parents and the same boyfriend. These issues -- LOL, I laid them out in the original blog, but in the efforts of saving SOME face, have omitted the list of offenses here -- all occurred within a few months of each other, accumulating to a head that April. My mom had actually said to me; “That's it! You're going to boarding school!” I was also on house arrest with a strict curfew if I did go out and serving community service hours.

Over the course of that year, I had managed to make three incredibly terrific best friends. We were inseparable; the J.A.C.K. Girls. One day in (drum roll please) April 2001 they decided to pull a “Mean Girls” situation on me and decide that I was the outcast while I was snowboarding with the same boyfriend one weekend.

April 2002 was like a breath of fresh air after three enormous diesel trucks polluted and infested everything around me. I was accepted to the college of my first choice, Cal. State, Long Beach. After the years prior, I began suspicions about the month of April, very cautious and aware of everything that was going on in my life at that time. Then, I had a full-time job at a little fashion boutique downtown Santa Cruz called the Velvet Underground, the same boyfriend, college prep courses and was dancing back at my old studio (Motion Pacific) every day. Things were going well that year.

Little did I know what was in store for me ...

[Stay tuned for April's Omen 2 - Car Accidents, Spain and Babies... oh my!]

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