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Unscrambled Time

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Over the past month, but more intently over the past few weeks, I've heard almost daily reporters, neighbors and radio show hosts discuss the merging together of their concepts of time: "What day is it?" "I think it was last week, or 10 days ago, or something like that." "Prior to the pandemic..."

As the rest of the World stops dead in its tracks, clocks march onward. Time has become split into two halves; the pre-pandemic and the (hopefully soon) post-pandemic. I myself even have projects that I'm holding onto until the World can exhale and we've gotten things under control. I refuse to "ship" the art until it's warranted.

Time being a linear one-dimensional element and space linking three dimensions together, we can safely say that "spacetime" holds four dimensions. Space and the cosmos don't seem to be influenced by this planet's time paralysis as the sun sets each evening and rises each morning, and the other planets continue with their orbits. There's some solace and peace in this.

We're counting on you, Space, the holder of three dimensions, to help Earth bare down on our unhinged sense of time in the present, and bring us to the future and into the light. Maybe one day soon we can get a grasp on the one dimension of time that is fogging up the collective human mind.

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